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We are happy to report that the SLBCF has responded to two requests for financial assistance, and we have helped both ladies in need.  First, we helped Mildred L. Fultz of Kileen, Texas, who has been fighting breast cancer since 2010. Ms. Fultz needed help with household expenses, and after going through our verification process, we were able to help with those daily expenses with a one-time check.

Just a day later, we spoke with Amy Wilson of Deport, Texas, who recently had a double mastectomy for her breast cancer.  She had just completed her forth chemotherapy treatment and is not able to work at this time.  Ms. Wilson, 35 years-old, is a single mother, and is close friends with two of our close friends form the Thoroughbred racing community, Brent and Colleen Davisdon.  We sent a one-time check to help with travel expenses to get to and from her treatments in Dallas, Texas.

Our third assistance check was sent out over a week ago to another member of our racing community that lives here in New Orleans.. Although she wishes to remain anonymous, she was willing to share her story.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 18th of this year, like our friend Shantel.  After Aggressive rounds of chemotherapy and a single mastectomy, this brave lady is fighting every day to beat this disease.  Her one-time assistance check will be used to reduce some of her medical bills.

Our foundation help has reached out to help someone near Shantel's hometown of Cecilia, Louisiana.  Kayla Quebedeaux Peltier of Erath, Louisiana, was recently diagnosed with Stage 1 IDC and has had seven rounds of dose dense chemo.  She is scheduled for her final surgery next month, which will include a hysterectomy and the completion of her double mastectomy.  Kayla is very fortunate to have a strong family support system, but being unable the work, the medical bills are growing every day.  Her one-time assistance check will also be used to ease the burden of her medical bills.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.