President's Page


My name is Rick Mocklin and I have handled the formation, and will be handling the day to day operations as President of the Shantel Lanerie Breast Cancer Foundation. Let me start by saying thank you for coming to our site. The love for a dear friend lost too soon is a story lived far too often. 

As an active member of the Thoroughbred racing industry for over 44 years, I know first hand what is means to lose a close race track family member. I have been involved in fundraising efforts in the racing community for a very long time. I have held fundraisers for several organizations, including the Don MacBeth memorial Jockey Fund and the Permanently Disabled Jockey's Fund. Just a few years ago, we were able to raise $39,000 for assistant Thoroughbred trainer Jasmine Daniels, when she was paralyzed from the waist down during a training accident in New Orleans. 

When asked why I would want to take on this huge responsibility, my response is a single word, Shantel. Shantel Lanerie was one of a kind. She was the most caring, giving, sweetest and most beautiful person inside and out. She was my wife Jeanette's best friend and we loved Shantel like she was family. We considered her the sister Jeanette never had and the daughter I never had. 

We want to do amazing things in Shantel's name. I promise you that. I promise Shantel that, and I'm making that promise to her family and friends.